Magna Carta Lex

We are a law firm specialized in amparo, as well as in human rights, constitutional issues and international conflicts between states, in Mexico and/or in diverse international mechanisms, such as the International Court of Justice, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights or the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, that treats its clients in a personalized way, in an atmosphere of familiarity.

Our legal products and services pass through a rigorous process of improvement that has excellence as its destiny.


Pro bono and gender equivalence


We believe in the constant necessity of pushing things forward, and in gender equivalence (i.e., the equal value, potential, importance, rights, and/or obligations, of all genders); which, applied to us, results in the autonomy of the persons in regard to the proper defense and the full exercise of their rights and in the equitable treatment of those who form part of our firm.


We are guided by the idea that the best way to help ourselves, is by helping others. Hence, when we take a case  pro bono (i.e., without charge to the client), rather than defending a particular person, we pretend to positively impact the community.

balanza con hombre y mujer frente a la ciudad


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