Fifty Shades of SCOTUS.

 En derechos humanos, equidad de género, Estado

Although there might be an apparent obtuse perspective, in the sense of presumed unwillingness to try to understand gender and/or sexual diversity, and persons’ rights over bodies; from a neutral, “not-physical-penetrative-willingness-position”, or interest; from that perspective, it is important to talk about sexual surpass of a person willingness to be part of a sexual encounter.

This question has relevant implications for the Vatican City State and the Catholic Church, for the Greater Tibet and the Tibetan Buddhism, for the legitimate aspirations of Brett Michael Kavanaugh to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States; it also has implications in the new legislation approved in the French Republic and for the #MeToo or similar movements.

To reach to these illustrative conclusions, there was a deep in-field and academic research through the work done by companies like Real Social Dynamics Corporation and Love Systems Corporation, as well as through many books of sexual diversity and oppression and the psychological, psychiatric and neurological works of Melissa Hines, Cara Acred, Margaret Mead, Juana Inés de Asbaje y Ramírez de Santillana, Burrhus Frederic Skinner, Sigismund Schlomo Freud, Alfred Charles Kinsey, Wilhelm Reich, Carl Gustav Jung, amongst other relevant specialists and thinkers.

So, we need to start with the primal premise [by us validly enriched, under the valid basis studied in these pieces:  La identidad del matrimonio universal; and The identity of universal marriage; but if you want, you can read her work], stated by Melissa Hines in her book “Brain Gender”, in regards that “… few, if any, individuals correspond to the modal male pattern or the modal female pattern. Variation within each [gender] is great, with both males and females near the top and bottom of the distributions for every characteristic. Even for sexual orientation, which shows a particular dramatic separation of the [genders], there are some men who are exclusively interested in men as sexual partners and show this preference for males as strongly as does any woman. Similarly, there are women whose preference is exclusively for other women. The situation for other [gender]-linked characteristics is similar. There are women with visuospatial ability in the highest ranges and men with verbal skills to match. In fact, although most of us appear to [after puberty, or by the size of the hair, or the way of acting, etcetera] be either clearly male or clearly female, we are each complex mosaics of male and female characteristics [that can be reverted to a point of being unnoticeable, as there are persons who after years of marriage, fail to notice there was other type of past in her and/or his partner]. In addition, some people are born with an [inter-gender] appearance, that is, with external genitalia that are not clearly those of a typical [approached female gender] or those of a typical [approached male gender]…”. This notion was also expressed by Chandra Mohan Jain, also known as “Osho”, in “The Book of Woman”, in the sense that the story of Jesus of Nazareth has closer to feminine characteristics, than those found in the “in-him-inspired” heroine, Jeanne d’Arc, which has more masculine characteristics. That spirit, notwithstanding the version, amongst that in other universal books, can also be found in Laozi’s “Tao Te Ching”, in specific in its chapter 28.

Thus, in front of all this, and of books as the top-best-seller E. L. James’s novel series “Fifty Shades” and its alluded sexual practices; in front of all this, we need to start by listening Pope Francis words, in the sense of not judging and condemning in the media what has not yet been done in the courts.

Of course, a child, notwithstanding her and/or his gender, that is abused, is being invaded in her and/or his intimate life in a not-desirable way, having few defences. Especially in the case of this being done by a teacher or a woman and/or man priest. But that children, in the case it was impossible to get State or adult assistance at the time, in most jurisdictions, stops being underage when she and/or he turns eighteen years old. The objective of the norm, its age limit, is that. It presumes a person of a certain age has no psychic elements to understand, but when she and/or he becomes of another certain age, she and/or he does.

This norm is not absolute, since there are millions of underage marriages and underage pregnant persons, or over age pregnant persons by underage persons. This meaning that nature (or God, or the Universe, according the beliefs of each person) permits “underage” pregnancy.

Hence, the big question, as established by the new French legislation, is not necessarily the age, but the consent.

Therefore, we need to begin by saying that when an hypothetical underage person who is not under the traditional or cultural marriage or pregnancy practices that are exceptions to it (for instance, Muhammad married 6-year-old Aisha); when an hypothetical under age person, turns over age, in that moment, quits that condition, so in front of the State is in full capability to manifest the absence of consent she and/or he had during that, in such a case, traumatic event, (as to be traumatic, must have been done against her and/or his will, or with violence, or psychological violence, etcetera, to start).

Since the celibate, as anything is, is not an intrinsic characteristic of any gender, there are girls of fifteen years who have much more sexual experience than thirty-year-old guys who are virgin and pay thousands of United States dollars to attend the teachings of companies like Love Systems Corporation or Real Social Dynamics Corporation, to solve that handicap.

For the same reason, there are also many cases where persons force the persons to penetrate them or to touch them, where the persons physically or psychologically or sexually abuse of the persons (as, due to my Asperger-Chaz-Bono-hood, it occurred, while was that way, with me, in various occasions), being them their partners, or former partners, etcetera. Even sometimes they force the persons solely to obstruct the attraction between those persons and other partners or potential partners, or to get the attention of other persons. Furthermore, the sole saying of not being “enough” or the rejection in itself has similar psychological impacts in all persons, as when you let a person get inside your social circle, she and/or he acquires massive power over it, and can manipule it all, generating dissonance if comes from a different set of values, or social experience, even if doing it so, by taking a poker-face defensive attitude, or through the advice of professionals, as there are ways to hit the psyche of persons with which you directly interact with, or have chance to influence, by through direct contact, getting to know details you can latter manipule in whatsoever direction you want, and this could be done with positive or negative purposes, as the close social circle of a person is of extreme importance, so if you can generate any effect in it, it can have severe consequences in both the social and personal development of the target. In a nutshell: so-called “red sparrows” are far from fictional.

So where does the abuse start?

The abuse, notwithstanding the age, starts in the moment a person manifests it. It can be manifested to the partner in the moment, or when there are objective reasons for not doing so, like being forced by violence, or a gun, in the moment a person turns up to the State.

This notion can clearly be expressed in the best-selling books “Fifty Shades of Grey”, “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed”, which are portrays of reality, where practices that may signify psychological or sexual abuses for some people, are satisfactory for others, until, even under those conditions, there is a clear manifestation of the absence of consent. In other words, submissive and extreme practices could be satisfactory, even desirable, for some.

Even the so-called “jerks” have much more success with the ladies than the nice guys, and offensive girls, or girls with certain initiative, tend to attract some guys, especially since breaking the ice, or the approach anxiety, as studied by the professionals, is very hard to break by guys, (so if a girl actually approaches them, can easily make them believe unreasonable things). This is even publicly known and forms part of the social media and music industries and culture. It is just necessarily to listen to a couple of songs. It is even physical: it is clear that a thirty centimetres phallus is more invasive, even if it is in the imagination, which also impacts the media and the culture, than one of ten centimetres.

Thence, in the moment that after years or decades of an hypothetical misconduct, or for instance, with the exceptions, after the person becomes over age; if after that, a claim to it arises, especially if it is to attack the trajectory of someone who legitimately aspires to serve the State or who is in a public or relevant values position, it is invalid. This person could have turn up to the State in the moment other person did not respect the absence of consent, or in the moment she and/or he, with the referred exceptions, turned over age, or was no more in threat; being disloyal to do so when the accused person becomes a public figure with the above mentioned characteristics, remarkably if it signifies acquiring public revenues, clouding someone’s trajectory for paltry or political or economic interests.

To prove that absence of consent is the job of the prosecutor, or, for instance, the jurisdictional authorities; some jurisdictions even asking for the presence of same gender-people testimonials. Because in other cases we have the after-years-of-the-hypothetical-existence-of-the-absence-of-consent claims before the media, which only profits from something that is just an opportunistic and unilateral claim.

If a person gets drunk, as when driving under its effects, she and/or he assumes there will be a lack of consciousness that will make her and/or him more susceptible to be a more sexual and uninhibited being. Not to say that the fact a person is drunk, or drinking, or inside a party, or in a place where solely people entitled to drink, are, like a bar, or a disco, or a party where people are drinking, makes the audience, and other persons, reasonably to believe is in drinking age, as is unreasonable to ask other person to be capable to know the age of other person, or to perform an expertise of whatever, when (drinking or inside a drinking place) there are persons of 50 who look like 15 and persons of 12 that look 18, 19, 20, or 21, etcetera. So is until that person manifest you he and/or she is, per chance, inside the bar, illegally, that you can have consciousness of such fact, as until after that instant, you might be doing something that even under consent, might be indecent or illegal, in any way, or in any measure, but not before, as for that reason they ask for an identification in all discos and bars, as a requirement, by law. Plus, if this person gets drunk when being underage, since the age or traditions for drinking vary in each country, or culture, the same rules of the traditional or cultural practices, apply; but if she and/or he does with a fake identification, then the State will bring this person, and her and/or his tutor, to get underage assistance, and if she and/or he does it under the, for traditional or other cultural reasons, authorization of a tutor, then that tutor is conscious that it will make her and/or him more susceptible to be a more sexual and uninhibited being (as by lack of experience and/or hormonal issues related with it, can do uninhibited things that would have never been done if without drinking), disregarding if for the audience, that person, for being drinking or in a drinking place, is logically presumably over drinking age. Plus, this condition, in case there is an allegedly forceful drinking issue, needs to be proved before the authorities while is still legally relevant, since the alcohol gets out of the system fast, so after being demonstrated that person was being forced to drink, drinking against her and/or his will in a place where solely people entitled to drink were drinking, that can have that kind of relevance; in analogical terms as if was introduced to a disco or a bar through the back door and against her and/or his will.

There are other notions related to the absence of consent, where things like the sexual nature of the conduct (performed with lack of consent, or through abuse, or through violent, or extremely violent, abuse, what are different levels (as, per chance, if someone hires underage girls to satisfy an audience, who, for that reason, think are doing something spicy, like occurs with flirting with attractive hostesses in restaurants, or many examples of so-called “hired guns”, with over age girls; if the hired girl, deposits the money before the authority, as victim of “abuse”, or spent it, are different things, as different is to find money in the ground, and take it, or let it, than is to take it for the attendance to any of those parties in your hand, and put it in your pocket, for have been “abused”, even if they give you less than what you asked for)); the sexual nature of the conduct, hence, needs to be demostrated. Otherwise the kind-loving kisses will all be sexual abuses, or indecent, or any hug, however if social, or a “teddy bear” hug, will all be sexual abuses, as well. Like when Kim Kardashian kisses her kids in the lips, or Taylor Swift kissed a kid fan in the lips, as is of public notice, massively distributed in pictures over the internet; or when they are pulled in ways that could either be sexual, or not, in concerts; the same way girls cried or passed out when seeing and imagine things with The Beatles or with King Elvis.

Also, there are other sexual practices like the swingers, where the consent is relevant in the same measure. In addition, even married people before the state, permit their partners to have sexual encounters with third parties, being capable to sue for divorce, if that is their volition. Or they might be happy or okay with that, or even it could be another form to express their love, or it is a way to permit the cohabitation or the sustainment of their relationship. As long as it is consented, is valid, but can also persist as a legitimate cause for divorce, with deluded consequences if is demonstrated it was an accepted practice, not something hidden for decades.

Finally, is important to mention that the desirable thing is that sexual or romantic relationships exist just rooted in love and/or friendship, nevertheless, logically, is the same that who charges for a sexual encounter than that who gets married for economic interests or is a gold-digger or a social climber or an status-digger or a fame-digger or a history-digger, id est, for instance, all are analogical agreements.

Nota bene: I must add that the authoress of this piece, once lived, faked by social pressure and criminal obstructions that date as to when I was a baby, a life similar to Cher’s son, [and hero, as that step of sincerity, honesty, and integrity, with himself, appears to be very hard, too, in that hypothesis, plus his mother being a global, generational, national, super-star, and him potentially falling under “the utmost American dream” ideal]; I was living a life similar to Chaz Bono, and, for instance, of Bishop Megan Rohrer; so, under that life, I had kissed like more than 100 girls before I was 17 years old, and lost my that kind of “virginity” when I was 15 years old, [what, neurologically, psyche, heart, brain, emotionally, spirit, etcetera, means, that, with whoever I might have been, if has never been with a man, still has failed to be with a man at all, as if was with me, was with a girl]; I had that kind of “intimacy”, thus, with a 19 years’s old girl from Michigan, in the United States of America, much taller and stronger than me, when in vacations at Huatulco, Oaxaca, inside a room with two more-over age people watching (one of them, the guy, that I think died, who settled it all, as drove, if I properly remember, and obviously had more experience, as was even watching, and pretending to also have contact with the girl from Michigan; him being the big brother of a colleague of my school); all drunk, and under the external supervision of the official security personnel of the vice federal fiscal of Mexico, as his daughter was part of the people with which we went to the disco, and, hence, we got drunk in a public place, under such supervision, where I entered breaking the law; disco of name Christine Club, or something, and the people, rather than saying anything negative, were clapping and feeling proud of my Chaz-Bono-hood. I also did something similar with another American citizen, from Chicago, when I was 17 years old, and she was like 45 years old, or more, again drinking, in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, with people clapping at me, feeling more than proud of my Chaz-Bono-hood (as they were clapping, precisely, for the difference of ages (disregarding that when she asked my age I said I was 21 years old and she said she also was 21 years old [but we were, indeed, drinking, and inside, an only over 18 years old place]); for the difference of ages being more than clear [but I looking, at minimum, 18 years old], and for she being a high class model-type person, they were all clapping, as in a show), and other over age person (a guy who bought us drinks and all) drove us (her sister, her, and me) out of the place where I got in by breaking the law, and we had multiple episodes of love, even in public places, even in posterior days, always with people clapping. And even after I went to live to the United States, she kept calling me. So in that regards will be a little-bit suspicious that those who clapped will sue them, civil or criminally, solely if the authoress of this piece gets to become someone as relevant as Cher, as I would fail to do so, even the American citizen from Chicago was very rich (completely out of place), as I did it in both occasions by reason of my free will, what is the most important, to the point of the claps, as I effectively felt on top of the world in both occasions, even my bisexuality has been discovered to basically be heterosexuality for men, as I do have a big clitoris and a “positive deformity” or an “improved vagina” with permanent amenorrea, in the way it interconnects with my brain, as I lack from the need to penetrate and/or lack from getting pleasure with such, including the episodes I am narrating, as in the first occasion it was very difficult for me to do so, and in the second I was more eager to go and tell my colleagues, than to be with her (this void inside of me, made me write a book based in about 130 books and in all the work done by reason of the above mentioned professionals, plus thousands of hours of practice of myself, in public relationships). So all these factors need to be taken into consideration in all cases, as the will, by reason of the claps, goes far beyond of the objective basis of the circumstances, as I also had an Argentinian sexual therapist friend who solely had certain type of sexual intercoursure, but reserved other for the person with which she was going to eventually get married with. As all my colleagues to which I bragged for in both occasions (or the ones who, with full consciousness, saw it all, and failed to tell the authorities, or tell them, the “abusers”, that were “abusing of me”, in that moment); they must lie before court, or inconsistencies will naturally be found, (with criminal consequences), if they testify that I, (being drinking, drunk and/or in a drinking place and/or atmosphere), felt, (or for instance, under those conditions, was), “abused” by them, or their indecency, when [it validly being like a vehicles crash that killed people, caused by the negligence of a third, responsible, person, driving other vehicle, to whom legal action can be taken by who killed people when crashing]; when was the opposite, i.e., all smiles; as if I did felt abused I would have tell them the opposite, and would have gone to any authority to denounce the claps of the audience. Not to say, as I have learnt from my research, and my romantic interactions with guys, that is very different when a person blocks you and tells you a clear “no”, than when they are trying to get validation to play egotistical and/or other type of games.