Mexico: place at the center of the moon.

 En derechos humanos, Estado

We take the blue pen and write these letters with no rigour whatsoever. And we do it in the place of the absence of a neutral and informed voice. We are not writing for a newspaper or for a social magazine or trying to get any credit. We do it because we think is the right thing to do, even there might be abundant reasons not to do so.

Being that said, is very important to clearly state that Belize is not a republic, but a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, whose head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, officially called Queen of Belize.

Next, is important to mention that, as has been many times expressed, the problem is not with the laws; the reformist movement did a tremendous job. The problem is that when those reforms were applied, in many cases were applied with the objective to benefit particular, obtuse interests, not necessarily those wide interests of the nation; but that does not mean either that the private parties are to be deprived from their right to do business: there needs to be an equilibrium, prudence, intelligence, collective business sense, in sum, aequanimĭtas.

Also, is important to say that those investments did not bloom yet, specifically since there was, and perhaps persist to be, an absence of certainty in regard to the real direction Mexico will take.

Even President Enrique Peña Nieto felt laureate for being “recognized” as not interfering in the elections, there are reasonable basis to argue that some institutions acted “anomaly” against one of the defeated candidates, and also there were omissions from the interior secretariat in the exclusions in using the state concessions, perpetrated against other candidates. So those “laurels” fail to exist.

Similarly, is understandable President Andres Manuel López Obrador’s persistent absence for recognizing his 2006 general election’s defeat. And is, because it was his, in the sense that he was forced to respond the attacks and lost. Maybe if he had persisted in not responding he would have won. He responded and lost. Is difficult to know what would have happen if he did not respond, and also is clear he suffered abuses of power against his persona and political career before that election, and even before he became a national figure. But that is one thing, and other is that, after he responded and changed his strategy, lost.

Correspondingly, especially since there is a total absence of any proof of the claimed electoral fraud, since it failed to exist, is very important to mention that the “intervention” of President Vicente Fox Quezada, is perfectly normal in other, more mature democracies, like that of the United States of America; plus is important to mention that it tends not to happen in states where there is a head of state and a head of government, like for instance the State of Israel, the Federal Republic of Germany or the Italian Republic. Besides, we will see if President Andres Manuel López Obrador demonstrates how incompetent President Vicente Fox Quezada really was; we will see if governing is that easy, and him, President Vicente Fox Quezada, really betrayed the nation, or, otherwise, if he just faced the reality of one thing being the candidate and other the president.

With all this said, that zest we saw, especially in the Zocalo, can be both an asset or a risk. These letters pretend to encourage for it to be an asset. Because if that zest becomes a risk, the risk is too big, and there will be a great lost in time, as well as in the zest itself.

We understand that although the Mexican President appears to be taking a pragmatic approach in some issues, he is consulting the people in arguable “democratic-for-the-few” and “cliental” ballots. Also, the people who get to the position to take that kind of decisions, do not do it in one day. Is a process that can take many years. And if the people are clearly intoxicated with just negative cognitive inputs, like calling “uptown” persons fifis or pirruris, which is indeed derogatory in Mexico, even to those who attend universities like the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, where like in Harvard University or in many “Ivy League” institutions occurs, a great part of their students hold scholarships and have to pay the price to preserve them; if the society is intoxicated with that discursive, is normal they will “decide” from that vibrational frequency. An “austeritocracy” or a “pauperocracy”, is just yet an unfairer kind of “plutocracy”. Especially if we have as the cornerstone, the “empires” that gave birth to cases like that of Αριάδνη-Άννα Στασινοπούλου, also known as Arianna Huffington, Elon Reeve Musk, Michaela Ivri Mendelsohn, Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, Oprah Gail Winfrey, Jimmy Donal “Jimbo” Wales, Lawrence “Larry” Mark Sanger, Howard Schultz, Sara Treleaven Blakely, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Steven Paul Jobs, Stephen Gary Wozniak, Ronald Gerald Wayne, William Henry Gates III, Paul Gardner Allen, Jeffrey Preston Bezos, Joanne Rowling, also known as J. K. Rowling, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, Wilmot Reed Hastings Junior, Marc Bernays Randolph, Jack Patrick Dorsey, Noah Glass, Christopher Isaac “Biz” Stone, Evan Clark Williams, not to say, among others, Samuel Moore Walton; if that empires are the ones the “dictatorship of the proletariat”, as Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz many times called it, combats.

The dictatorship of the proletariat, as coined by Joseph Arnold Weydemeyer, and seconded by Carl Heinrich Marx and Friedrich Engels, is still a, sometimes more psychic complexed, envious, jaundiced and hateful, kind of “dictatorship”; and, hence, persist being a dictatorship; maybe one where the above mentioned tend not to find a place, where tend not to fit.

Is true, President Andres Manuel López Obrador has character and temperament, and if a “war” is started, as the Chinese wisely say, nobody will win. Not if it is a totalitarian war; but if it is a civilized competition, with clear rules and fair and neutral and impartial judges, many things can be won from that. Most of the pro human rights and pro dignity and pro social and pro inclusion postulates that pretend to permeate are spiritually and humanitarianly tall; but the certainty in the investments is also needed for the people and for the strength of the nation and the state.

Much of those ideas have its roots in the Mexican Judicial System; and the certainty in the investments will have it as well. There needs to be a clear investment in the judicial system, but the judiciary also needs to be more efficient and plurilingual.

Although we understand his interest in being backed-up by regional, loyal governments, we really hope for President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to be a factor of equipoise, not of division and polarization. He is there, he got there, but is reasonable to think that albeit the people want to live in an inclusive and respectful, non-corrupt, and humanistic country, they also want the investments not to fly to the Federative Republic of Brazil, but to stay in the United Mexican States; and in order for that to happen, in this competitive world, the people needs to make the exertion and pay the price for being great, as happens with the alluded; as they say, reading books, holding scholarships, mastering different languages, etcetera. Is not by alms they will achieve that, but by labor, total quality, autotrophic effort and excellence.

And part of that work is, although listening to the people, for the president to govern. And part of governing is giving life to that positive reforms, but from the correct perspective. Prudence and negotiation, temperance, inclusion. Constructing, not undoing.

Furthermore, the social life and intelligent and cultural luxury is part of presenting a competitive state to the world; and moreover, that mixture can encourage certain industries, as long as is not deprived from the art and the intellectual substance and the genuine altruism; if those factors persist, the society will be nourished.

The best is to think like a winner, recognise even to oneself, that maybe the defeat, indeed happened because of one responding and changing the strategy; this is another time, with new circumstances, with new rules, and perhaps all happened for that purpose.

We bet the Mexicans want for the investments to stay in the United Mexican States, not to fly to Federative Republic of Brazil. We even donated these ideas to the state:

The Mexican position can be seen as an asset or as an inconvenience. The zest in the Zocalo can bloom and transform in greatness or it can take the direction of populism and hate and vengeance and many low vibrations that will lead to, a, at least, certain type of war; and in war, even the armies need to be ready and in the best possible form, and the colonels and generals and officers and the soldiers need to excel and shine; in war, nobody wins.

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