The Syrian Arab Republic: tactical retractions of a victorious army that was determinant in building the international institutions, or a treason to both?

 En conflictos supranacionales, Estado

Yet is certain the general strategy and the strategies and tactics in the containment wars fought and being fought by the United States of America, need to be improved (tactical retractions, as is known, always being possible to form part of a successful strategy); but giving the territory to the enemy (in the sense of the global leader who has been obstructing the resolution of the United Nations and her Security Council, Влади́мир Влади́мирович Пу́тин, in which, per example, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization could have helped cut the disaster it is today, as it has indeed proved to be successful, still more if confronted with certain developments, like those mentioned in these letters and/or in these others); despite the eternal honour, glory and victory in the militia, lost if betraying a local containment strategical asset and an ally (as if an economical menace can buy it as if was a tower (as will certainly be publicised so more allies be lost in the international publicity campaigns for the name of the United States of America (for illegitimate reasons like the above mentioned) to persist being darkened)); that, and its fatality, if so, is the work of a coward, and of a traitor, a (no matter how high had climbed) renegade; an idiot (as a Dostoyevsky’s character) who lacks from that spirit.

And the signalised obstructor and “time-winner” (so things get worse and worse, and, as the leeches dictators of contrast, then, through a better tactical use of media-youtube-twitter-facebook, in the confines of the so-called hybrid warfare, when the correct timing arise, blame others for their faults and mistakes and proved incapacity (what they also do to get to power, by the way)); that global leader, alias “the vlad”, not only knows it, but it was the reason to occur in first instance (a media-youtube-twitter-facebook troy horse to be imposed), since that “well-known”, “old-known” character, would have polluted the spirit of the enterprise, as it is happening today, where words calling words words, are in reality only words, since the actions and bombastic results are truly inexistent (even all the fume of this or that sanction, and all that pretending to be “very tough” (if that “tough” had anything to do with effectively combating hostile forces, or with being smartly brave)). 

However, fortunately, the United States of America are not yet a so-called banana republic. So we got to this inevitable point, where, disdaining some romance with autocrats and dictators, there is no bubble left outside it. So, in such a case, the nuclear structure and the army (with the full information) must be conscious they are abiding to such strategical decision, instead of pushing so the United Nations Security Council can finally act.   

The vlad, and we say this not as an insult, of course want it that way, but the question is: do you want it to collapse?

As for the vlad, after so many throughout time wounds among the two nations (and still failing to understand the willingness to destroy the international institutions); that position is, in a certain measure, understandable.  

Yes, it is true, the arms and related materiel of all types, including weapons and ammunition, military and not military vehicles of land, water, air, hybrids, and outerterrestrial, as well as the paramilitary equipment, of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (of her members), must always need to be strategically superior; and this needs to be done independently and efficiently and clean and beyond standards and with excellence, in order to live; but together (and yet much better), in order to fight. Nonetheless, this has also, indeed, yet sadly, likewise, proved, the old napoleonic saying, of being irrelevant to a certain point, all that; if you can impose who controls it, you can even as well, in a certain way, and to a certain point, control it.

There are politics, but there is also the state. Politics pretends to be the fight for peacefully and legitimately reach to the public position to improve the status quo, but the state is what provides with conditions for that fight and for that position. In the case there is a strategical decision to abandon a territory (and everybody knows that is different from tactical retractions), so the enemy that basically imposed the one who took that decision, finally get what was pretended in first instance (the absence of the pointed resolution), while obstructing the United Nations Security Council; in such a case, ignorantly and unwisely criticising the successful intervention in the today State of Libya (not to say, if so, in this or that case, pretending to bring down the United Nations, the Security Council, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, etcetera); that benighted position, could have not solely been a mistake rooted in lack of “flight hours” in state matters, but a complexed psyche that has failed to evolve and/or is under extreme psychological pressure by the vlad, and, at least, the so called компромат. 

The reason to write these letters to the echos of the perpetual unknown, is, however, in such a case, solely not to abide, in this or that case, or for this or that reason, with this or that traitor and/or spirit and/or vibrational frequency; sadly, there is no other reason whatsoever. But sadly, too, cannot be a reason not to do so.