About us


Magna Carta Lex is a law firm specialized in amparo, as well as in human rights, constitutional issues and international conflicts between states, in Mexico and/or in diverse international mechanisms, such as the International Court of Justice, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights or the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. We focus not in the quantity, but in the quality. Our clients are treated in a personalized way, in an atmosphere of familiarity. We are guided by the constant improvement.

At Magna Carta Lex the only hierarchy is based in the legal reasoning and the valid arguments a person can offer and her or his capacity to express them. Hence, each person’s work is very important, because is the base for all our work. Thereby, we pretend to fulfil our objectives. We love what we do, because is a direct consequence of what we are. We learn from our mistakes and try not repeat them. We take those challenges that will enrich our law firm. Our legal products and services pass through a rigorous process of improvement that has excellence as its destiny.

We are conscious that preparation is the most effective antidote against fear, therefore we prepare for not being afraid to any challenge.


To be and be identified, in Mexico and the rest of the world, as a law firm specialized in amparo, as well as in human rights, constitutional issues and international conflicts between states, that no solely sets and keeps the highest excellence standards but defends its cases in the best possible way and make its positions, arguments and the justice prevail.


To provide our clients with personalized and top-quality attention, and with legal services and products of the highest excellence, while we accomplish our obligation of pushing things in Mexico and the rest of the world forward.

We are conscious that the best way to work is by establishing clear and measurable objectives, hence we work with the goal of establishing and accomplishing objectives.


At Magna Carta Lex we believe in the obligation of considering what we are doing in the present moment, the most important thing; in having flexibility in the paths for accomplishing our goals; in having integrity as a law firm and as members of a law firm; in learning the lesson of every circumstance, cause even if the aims are accomplished, we can always do better; in being honest but sensible with our clients and the people in general, thus we always pretend to speak with a positive purpose; in the commitment with our general objectives as a law firm, and our particular objectives with each client; in having ownership with our responsibilities, especially satisfy our clients’ needs and to accomplish with our vision and mission; and in the balance between the academic, the validity, the clarity, the aesthetic and the practical aspects of our legal products and services.

We are conscious in the need for constant improvement, thence we pretend to prepare for perfection, with the certainty that it is the path for accomplishing excellence.