The one wood plank for two persons to survive in the ocean and the nuclear weapons’ dilemma.

 In international conflicts, state

Two persons are there in the middle of the ocean, one with no willingness to act prudently, so the most learned make the other lose consciousness in order to save both. There cannot be a better defence for President Truman Administration’s decisions to have made use of two never-used-before arms in the arsenal of the United States of America, provided by the B-29 Superfortress bombers, Enola Gay and Bockscar; in other words, that hypothesis of the usage of a strategical nuclear weapon, was certainly legitimated in, not one, but both of the shipwrecked, since, otherwise, both could have died. Is not to be questioned that the Japanese were (and are) legendary warriors in all levels, and there is no better proof, than them approaching such ending of an order, and birth of other, as the first day of their glory, in water, dressed with smoking at daytime hours, plus the pompousness of legendary expressions of ancestral civilisations, for which today so-called kaizen spirit, is much older; not to be forgotten, however, how Truman’s Administration asked for rendition by means of the Potsdam Declaration, all this, before cutting the war at once. Thus, if the United States of America had not made use of it, since, as publicly stated, the Japanese Government was to continue to fight; consequently, it would have been dangerously dispersed and expanded the possibility for the abundant usage of nuclear weapons, and things could have evolved yet more violent and destructive. But the pacifist spirit of such militarily pertinent action, permits today Japan’s renewed Emperor, to testify the continuation, since otherwise Japan would have been imposed and submitted by force, but the objective was not to damage more, or construct from the ashes of all that bleakness, but to permit the birth of a new world order, today’s order. Hence, thanks to the spirit of the usage of such powerful weapons have been that of doing, not undoing, today we can correlate under an international legal order and system, that permits us to confront international conflicts, in much more civilised and constructive ways, and with order. But this would have not been possible, if the correlation among Truman’s simplicity and humility (in the form of not-ingenuous-but-realistic kindness); none of this would have occurred, if such leader would have not been in command. 

Would have the war continue, would have the world become inhabitable? That is the primal question one must ask, and its answer must be responded through proactive action, since the organized world and/or the habitable world, both are still at risk of not reasonable entities persisting incapable to understand the rigour (and aim) of have used “Little Boy” and “Fat Man”. Better if we all act with prudence and are capable to solve our reconcilable differences through smart means for smart ends. 

The so-called nuclear option gave birth to a new era, in which we face a similar disjunctive, in regard to the development through ecology or disregarding it. No secret it is one must always survive; at whatever cost, one must survive. So, the option quit to be imaginary, and better it is, if never happens again. The nuclear capabilities shall be used as the cornerstone for the preservation of the order they gave birth to, not as means to destruct its quintessential reason to exist, id est, that order (this order). 

Obscured forces have been trying the past years to destroy and dethrone such order, nonetheless, is up to us for them not to succeed. The necessity to put the usage of such powerful weapons as legitimating factors for preserving or improving the signalized order, not as a threat to it, is, certainly, paramount. 

And there is no alternative or someone to blame, if to blame was valid at all. Howbeit President Truman’s Administration is not physically here anymore, paradoxically, for fatal reasons, we are facing the dilemma between using those institutions as platforms for solving natural problems that otherwise will very possibly disembogue in the chaotic proliferation and expansion of that type of tremendously powerful technologies, but used to destroy. So, unfortunately, it can be the case that all that effort and knocking out the reality to cut the war, could have been useless, since the world can become inhabitable, as if the war had never finished. As if those two persons were to be eaten by the ocean, due to the lack of prudence prevailing. Is so plain the labour the world needs to remain habitable for us, as clear is such work will be super-human (in the sense that if succeeds, there will be evolution; if not, extinction). Sadly, if the labor needed fails to exist, then the pertinent world reactions to heal itself will occur, going us with the wind, if the chaotic climate we are facing for whatsoever reason, was not enough. In such wise, as hereunto expressed, if we persist as we are, the chance to have saved (or even eventually to improve) the globally ecological status quo, would have been lost forever, since, alas, we would have quit to exist: in sum, both persons in the wood plank would have drone to death under the waves of the perpetual echoes of the ocean. All efforts and sacrifices to have awakened consciousness, and, subsequently, to preserve (or to have achieved) peace, will be lost. No limit will there be. Those dark times of deep desolation that inhabit in the shadow of the human psyche, will be no less than reality. Henceforward (not to say in order to survive to boot), we must take that call to awake, as a call to heal. At least squared efforts as those made to develop such nuclear and/or atomic capabilities, shall be made in order to heal our planet (our sphere); and there is, indeed, no one to blame, if to blame was first valid, and, then, possible.  

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