Human rights
and international conflicts

Human rights protection

There are diverse mechanisms for the defence of human rights, for instance, in Mexico, the human rights local commissions or the national commission on human rights (Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos); or international systems for the human rights protection, like the job done by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights or the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

We are specialists in human rights’ protection and safeguard.

At Magna Carta Lex we are specialized in these mechanisms and systems whose primary function is to recommend to diverse state organs, or to the states themselves, to respect and guarantee the exercise of the human rights of a person or a group of persons.

Being that way, we are in the position to defend human rights through the human rights commissions in Mexico, but also through the international systems; even pro bono, since we believe that such work may push things forward and raise awareness and humanize the states’ institutions.

International conflicts

At Magna Carta Lex we are in the position to advice for the defence or defend the interests of the states in the judicial contentious issues under the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice.