Pro bono and
gender equivalence


Magna Carta Lex is a law firm that believes in the constant necessity of pushing things forward, and in gender equivalence (i.e., the equal value, potential, importance, rights, and/or obligations, of all genders); which, applied to us, results in the autonomy of the persons in regard to the proper defense and the full exercise of their rights and in the equitable treatment of those who form part of our firm.

Therefore, although we believe in the altruistic vocation of helping particular persons, and proof of it are those pro bono cases in which we have free of charge represented people in need and in inequitable positions; albeit that, we also believe in the obligation of presenting amicus curiae or representing cases with the objective of pushing things forward, in Mexico, or in diverse international mechanisms, for instance the International Court of Justice, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights or the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

In our firm we believe that through constitutional and international litigation, we can propitiate and promote the progress of the institutions and the machineries of the states, and also generate consciousness in regard to the needs of the people and of particular groups of persons in inequitable positions, from part of the Judicial, Legislative and Executive Branches of the states.


We are guided by the idea that the best way to help ourselves, is by helping others. Therefore, we believe that even though a case taken pro bono might aid a particular person and her and/or his close environment, it can also impact the institutions and processes of the state, hence helping a much broader universe of people. Consequently, when we take a case pro bono, rather than doing it for a particular person, we pretend to impact all the people.


When we take a case pro bono (i.e., without charge to the client), rather than defending a particular person, we pretend to positively impact the community.